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Learning at AIS

We offer a wide range of subjects, including social studies, co-ordinated sciences, mathematics, physics, english literature, computer science, art, music, economics, spanish, korean and physical education.

Wholistic Education

Early Years

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The Early Years at AIS

(Ages 3+ to 4+)

Play-Based Learning

Children start in Early Years in our Foundation Stage Class when they are 3+. 

Children who are 4+ join our Reception Class.

Learning in the Early Years at AIS is play-based and child-centered.

English National Curriculum

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage program which is part of the English National Curriculum.

Our program is further developed using the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) which places learning within an overarching theme to help children make links between different aspects of their learning.

English and Mathematics

The Primary Years at AIS follow the English National Curriculum.
Children learn to socialise and to play together. They discover new wonders every day.  They start to learn to read and write following our Jolly Phonics program.

In mathematics we use the White Rose Mathematics scheme which is based on the English National Curriculum. 

Other Subjects & Trips

Students in the Early Years have specialist lessons in physical education, music, art
and Korean Studies.

They also take part in regular off site trips and visits to support
their learning.

Primary School

AIS Students Primary School Art Class

The Primary Years at AIS

(Ages 5+ to 11+)

Builds Upon Early Years

The Primary Years at AIS covers 6 years of a student’s life with us.
Starting in Year 1 (age 5+), students build on their learning from the Early Years, further developing their reading, writing and mathematical skills following the English National

Several Subjects

From Year 2 onwards, students continue to build their knowledge, skills and understanding across a broader range of subjects including English, mathematics,
science and the humanities (history and geography).

English National Curriculum

Strong Mathematics, English
and Science

The Primary Years at AIS follow the English National Curriculum.
Learning in the Primary Years is developed further through the International Primary
Curriculum (IPC) which places learning within the overall context of a theme.

The Primary Years at AIS use the White Rose Mathematics and Science schemes which are based on the English National Curriculum.

Reading is one of the most important things that AIS students develop in the Primary

Middle School

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The Middle Years at AIS

(Ages 12+ to 14+)

English National Curriculum

The Middle Years at AIS covers the next three years of a student’s school life - Years 7, 8 and 9.


Middle Years students continue their educational development following the English
National Curriculum and the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC).

Strong Core Subjects

The Middle Years students continue developing their mathematical skills, knowledge
and understanding through the White Rose Mathematics scheme which is closely linked to the English National Curriculum for mathematics.

Leadership Development

Middle Years students also have the opportunity to develop personal and leadership skills through the William Pike Challenge Award.

Specialist Learning

All Middle Years students have specialist lessons in art, music, physical education and
Korean Studies.

High School

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The Higher Years at AIS 

(Ages 15+ to 18+)

Cambridge IGCSE Courses

Students in the Higher Years study for a range of Cambridge International Qualifications.

In Years 10 and 11, they study up to 8 iGCSE subjects. These include compulsory courses in English, mathematics, science and global oerspectives and optional courses
which might include computing, physical education, Spanish, art, or music.

Leadership and Service

Students in the Higher Years at AIS have the opportunity to develop leadership and personal skills through the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. They undertake community
service and take part in expeditions and leadership challenges.

A Level University Preparation

In Years 12 and 13, students study for up to 3 Advanced Level (A Level) qualifications. These subjects build on the skills knowledge and understanding of the IGCSE courses
and are a natural stepping stone to the next stage - access to a top university anywhere in the World.

Advanced Level Subjects

Students currently have the option to study physics, chemistry, mathematics, English, global perspectives and research, economics, art, music and computer science at A Level.

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