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Our Teaching Staff
Atherton Teachers come from all around the world to teach at the highest standards. ​

All of our teaching staff are fully qualified and experienced professionals. We only hire people committed to lifelong learning and continuous professional development and as such we boast a wealth of expertise.


Throughout the school year, teachers are given in house professional development, often involving expert guest facilitators. Our teachers also participate in courses, seminars and other training opportunities around the world and more frequently online, bringing back what they learn to share.


Our professional learning community is second to none which thrives from being part of the wider global educational community.  

Please see below to meet our team:

Graham Horton.jpg

Graham Horton

School Principal

Mr Graham was born in the U.K. and started his teaching career in 1988 having graduated from Reading University with a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Early Childhood Education specialising in Music. He was a School Principal in the U.K. for 16 years and has been an International Principal in Qatar, Nigeria, China and Myanmar. In addition, he has worked with premiere school groups including Nord Anglia and Dulwich College International.


He graduated with a Master’s Degree in International Education from the University of Leicester in the U.K. in 2021. Mr. Graham who has moved to Geoje with his wife Sally, has two grown up sons, Ben and Sam. He is passionate about education and is looking forward to supporting the further development of Atherton International School.

Lewis Eckersley

Head of Secondary and

Secondary English Teacher

Mr. Lewis has been teaching IGCSE and A Level for almost 20 years, working across the world in the U.K, Korea, China and Peru. He completed a PGCE in education at Manchester University and holds a Master's Degree in Education and English studies from the University of Exeter. 

Mr. Lewis has great expectations of his pupils and strives to facilitate vibrant classes of energy, interaction, and academic learning. He also seeks to cultivate independent learners who have a hunger for new knowledge and a desire to broaden their horizons.  In his free time, he enjoys watching football, cooking Korean food, and writing poetry.

Lewis Eckersley.jpg
Primary School Head AIS_edited.jpg

Braden Owens

Head of Primary and

Shark Class Teacher (Y6)

Mr. Braden is all about making learning exciting! Originally from New Zealand, he has brought his teaching journey to Atherton International School as a Year 6 teacher and Head of Primary. With a background that includes teaching stints both in his homeland and vibrant South Korea, he has learned that the key to education is a perfect mix of fun and challenge. 


Mr. Braden is on a mission to show that learning can be exciting and mind-bending at the same time. Maths and reading are his jam, and he is a tech enthusiast – always finding cool ways to use technology to supercharge learning. When he is not in the classroom, you'll find him cheering on students at sports events or exploring new places around the globe. He's been working here at Atherton for four years, and he says that every moment has been a blast. He hopes to keep learning, growing, and having a great time together!

Grace Cottone

Head of Early Years and

Snail Class Teacher (YR)

Ms Grace is a native Long Island, New Yorker. As an avid advocate of the arts and creativity, she finds joy in nurturing the creative flames within young minds. Her background is in the visual arts and she has been teaching the youngest children at school for about 10 years now.

Her journey has led her to the role of Head of Early Years and Wellbeing Lead at AIS, where she is thrilled to guide students in embracing holistic wellness. She believes that a healthy body and mind are the foundation for a fulfilling life. Through collaboration and inspiration, she aspires to empower children with the tools to seamlessly integrate wellness practices into their daily routines.

Grace Cottone.jpg
Luke Cropley.jpg

Mr. Luke Cropley

Secondary English and Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Luke comes from Adelaide, South Australia, where he graduated in English, Ancient and Modern History, Politics and Anthropology.  For the past 11 years he has been living and teaching all over the world and joins AIS from Qatar.  Outside the classroom he has many interests.  When he was a child he always thought he was going to become a rock star!  Sadly this didn’t happen, but his passion for music remains.  

Brindha Sethulingam

Secondary Mathematics Teacher

Ms. Brindha is from India and holds a postgraduate degree in Engineering from Anna University. She worked as a software engineer prior to becoming a teacher and has been with AIS since 2019. 

Ms. Brindha is passionate about Mathematics and currently teaches both the IGCSE and A Level courses in secondary school. 

Outside of school she loves listening to music, cooking a variety of food and spending time with friends and family.

Copy of Brindha Sethulingam.jpg

Dr. Irina Lokteva

Secondary Science, Chemistry Teacher

Dr. Irina joins us from Germany where she was in charge of the laboratory at Hamburg University.  She is a talented Chemist and has taught high school and university level students. 

Dr. Irina hold a PhD in Natural Sciences from the University of Oldenburg in Germany and a Diploma in Chemistry from Voronezh University in Russia.  Dr. Irina is also an AIS parent.

Mr. Valentino Salvato

Secondary Economics, Maths and Science Teacher

Mr. Valentino was born in Italy and emigrated to London (UK) in 1999. He has been teaching Maths, Science and Economics since 2001 and has held middle and senior leadership positions from time to time. He is passionate about evidence-informed teaching and about learning new things every day. He holds five postgraduate degrees and a first degree in Financial Economics.

He has been teaching mostly in London but he has had relevant international teaching experiences in the US, Taiwan, Germany and Albania. His ultimate goal in Education is to turn every student into a lifelong learner by developing a love for learning, metacognitive skills and by making every student his/her own teacher.

Valentino Salvato.jpg

Mr. Ajaya Kumar Behera

Secondary Physics and Mathmatics Teacher

His life journey holds his one of the most inspiring stories that has influenced many students and continues to highlight the importance of hard work and relentlessness.

He is Master in Physics, Master in Mathematics & Master of Education.

Mr. Ajaya is possessing rich experience in imparting quality
education in different countries since 2007 and imbibing values of honesty, integrity, academic excellence and discipline in the students.


He is also an Youtuber who spreads knowledge to the whole world through his YouTube Channel “Ajaya Physics”.

Mr. Ajaya has recently completed his 16 years in the Education industry.

Ms. Jiyeon Seo

Head of Art

Ms. Jiyeon is from Daegu, Korea. She has been working in the international school of Koje since 2009. She taught in a Korean middle school for three years before coming to AIS. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Master's degree in Fine Arts. Her artwork has awarded many prizes, including 1st place in the 23rd Sinra Art Exhibition.

While at university, she obtained her teaching qualification as an art teacher. She also gained her TESOL (Teaching  English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate through California State University, Long Beach, in 2011 and a certificate in MBPA Nanta and Performance Nanta Drum 2013. Her interests include painting, photography, music (piano and violin), traveling and involved in cultural activities.

Jiyeon Seo.jpg
Eunbyoul Ma.jpg

Ms. Eunbyeol Ma

Head of Music and Korean Teacher

Ms. Eunbyoul excelled at Daegu Catholic University of Music, majoring in Violin and graduating top of her class. She obtained her music teaching qualification during university and expanded her credentials with a Music K-12 teaching license from the US. Adding to her expertise, she earned a TESOL certificate from California State University, Long Beach, and consistently participates in Orff teaching courses, workshops, and music educators’ conferences since 2012.

She holds certificates in Korean Ukulele teaching, MBPA Fusion Nanta, and Performance Nanta Drum. She has been instructing music to children aged three to fourteen and finds joy in teaching across all levels. Outside of school, she is a member of local ensemble groups as a violinist. She also loves art; her hobbies include painting, crafts, and DIY. Additionally, she enjoys exploring Geoje with her dog during her leisure time.

Mr. Murray Wilson

Head of PE and Community

Mr. Murray was born and raised in London, UK.  Early on he was fortunate to experience a range of sports, playing competitively, and still enjoys football, tennis and volleyball.  He graduated with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Brighton.  

​After studying for a PGCE in Secondary Physical Education, he moved to Saudi Arabia, where he has spent the past four years teaching at the British International School in Riyadh.  He loves everything to do with sport and PE and is passionate about inclusion. 

Murray Wilson.jpg
profile preply.jpg

Ms. Rebecca Carver

Head of Student Services (EAL and SEND)

Ms. Rebecca began her teaching career in England in 1996. Her roles included being a primary class teacher, a KS2 leader, and a Deputy Head at two primary schools, including a special school for children struggling with complex behavioural and learning difficulties. She has lived and worked internationally since 2012, in Thailand, Vietnam and Burma, developing her skills in teaching English as an Additional Language.

Her previous position was with Dulwich College, Yangon as the Whole School EAL Teacher. She is experienced in teaching English to young children and beginners, all the way through to proficient adults. She learns languages too, which gives her insight to the challenges of her students. She is a nature lover and enjoys a healthy lifestyle, so she feels very lucky to be living and working on the stunning island of Geoje!

Ms. Yeon Ju Lee

EAL Teacher

Ms. Yeonju was raised in Geoje from her childhood. She obtained a master’s degree and English teacher license from Pukyong National University. She is very passionate about teaching Early year students and tries her best to teach children with a lot of passion so that her students develop a desire to become happy learners.

She is part of the Early Years team, but is also excited to become an additional teacher in the EAL department to help support our new students with their English progression. She is expecting to have a year full of fun, learning and lots of adventures!

Yeonju Lee.jpeg
William Lowe.jpg

William Lowe

IMYC Lead & Phoenix Class Teacher (Y7/8)

Mr. William comes from Muskoka, Ontario. There, he enjoyed activities like motorcycle riding, ice hockey, and boating. He supports both the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings of the NHL. He studied at universities in Canada and the UK. Mr William has earned a B.Ed., M.Ed, LL.B, and a TEFL certificate.

With over 20 years of teaching experience in many countries, he has used his skills in technology, classroom management, and understanding to help his students. He works hard to create and maintain a classroom where every student feels supported and valued. Outside of work, Mr. William is a husband and father of two and loves spending time with his family. He believes that reading is key to language learning and that we should always be life-long learners. 


Mr. George Wilcox

Tiger Class Teacher (Y4/5)

Mr. George is from the United Kingdom and completed his B.ED Primary (Music Sp.) at Plymouth University and later gained an MPhil in Education from the University of Cambridge. Mr. George is in his 7th year of teaching and has experience teaching across the world, including Chile, Finland, The Channel Islands and in the United Kingdom.

Mr. George is a creative and sporty person with many different interests. He is a multi-instrumentalist, playing flute, saxophone and piano, and has played in many jazz bands, wedding bands and pit orchestras, and he has played rugby for Buckinghamshire County during his youth. He also enjoys writing his own stories and helping other authors to edit and publish their work.  In the classroom, he enjoys teaching language arts and music, and would love to learn another language

George Wilcox.jpg
Lorna Graham.jpg

Ms. Lorna Graham

Lion Class Teacher (Y3/4)

Ms. Lorna is from England and graduated with a BA from Bristol University and an MA from Leiden University, both in Archaeology.  She has worked as an EAL teacher in France, Italy, Japan and South Korea.  She lived and worked on Geoje for a short period previously and is looking forward to returning to the island. 

After completing her Primary Teaching degree at Plymouth University, she taught in Serbia.  She is looking forward to  creating some fun learning experiences this school year.

Ms. Taeyoung Bae

Lion Class Teaching Assistant 

Ms. Taeyoung was born and raised in Daegu and later studied Early Years Education and English Literature. Subsequently, she worked in a Korean kindergarten before coming to AIS. Working with children and encouraging them is her life’s passion.

Creativity is a quality that she admires and finds that walks in nature nurture it within her.  She is extremely excited to support students in years 3 and 4. She is always ready to help children to grow and succeed. 

Copy of Taeyoung Bae.jpg
Viktoriia Lowe.jpg

Ms. Viktoriia Lowe

Rabbit Class Teacher (Y1/2)

Ms. Viktoriia is from Ukraine and graduated from the National Pedagogical University in Kyiv, specialising in teaching English and Primary education. She has over five years of classroom experience and two years of EAL teaching. She has taught in Cairo, Brunei and Tunis. Outside school, she loves spending time with her family.  

Ms. Suwon Lee   

Korean, EAL, and Learning Assistant Teacher

After completing her studies in flute and piano at Chang Sin College of Music in Changwon, Ms. Suwon spent 12 years teaching children from Reception through age 16 at a piano school. Currently in her eleventh year of teaching at AIS, Suwon has taught Korean, Music, Library, and now Korean once more.

She received the Children's English Teacher Certificate from Koje College in the summer of 2012.  The TESOL program at California State University, Long Beach College of Continuing and Professional Education was successfully finished in August 2016.  She also holds certificates from the Korea Recreation Association (2011), Korea Ukulele (2013), MBPA Fusion Nanta and Performance Nanta Drum (2013), and Korea Recreation Association (2011). She enjoys swimming, golfing, and hiking in any weather during her free time. 

Suwon Lee.jpg
Eve Owens.jpg

Ms. Eve Lee

Early Years Teaching Assistant 

Ms. Eve is a dedicated Early Years teaching assistant. She is very happy to be part of the team that nurtures the young minds of tomorrow as well as witness the growth of students and individuals.

Creating a vibrant and stimulating environment where children can explore, discover, and develop their skills is a commitment that she takes seriously. Her highest hope is to start this exciting educational adventure together. 

Ms. Soon Bok Kim  

Early Years Teaching Assistant 

Ms. Soon Bok was born and raised in Hadong and holds fond memories of its breathtaking rivers and pine forests.  She completed her degree with a major in English literature and taught children at an English academy before joining AIS.​ She is eager to continue her career in education. After she retires, her greatest desire is to return to her childhood countryside life and passing her golden years in her beautiful gardens with her close friends.

Soonbok Kim.jpg
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