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Learning at AIS

We offer a range of subjects, including social studies, science, mathematics, english literature, computer science, art, music, economics, spanish, korean and physical education.

British Education

At Atherton International School, we provide a comprehensive and well-rounded education to students aged 2 to 18. Our academic programs are designed to promote academic achievement, social responsibility, and global awareness.  Our experienced faculty provides tailored attention to each student, ensuring that they receive the support they need to excel in their studies.

Social Studies

Our social studies program is designed to provide students with a deep understanding of the world around them. We cover a range of topics, including history, geography, economics, and government. Our students develop critical thinking skills and learn to analyse complex issues, preparing them for success in a globalized world.

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Our science program is designed to foster a love of learning and exploration in our students. We cover a range of topics, including biology, chemistry, physics, and computer science. Our students develop a strong foundation in scientific principles and learn to apply them to real-world challenges.



Our mathematics program develops strong problem-solving skills and a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. We cover a range of topics, including algebra, geometry, calculus, mechanics and statistics. Our students learn to make sense of data, develop mathematical models, and solve real-world problems using advanced techniques.

In Class

English Literature

Our literature program is designed to help students develop a love of reading and writing. We cover a range of topics, including poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Our students learn to analyse literature, develop their own writing styles, and express themselves creatively.


Our art program is designed to help students develop their creative talents and express themselves visually. We cover a range of mediums, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital art. Our students learn to develop their own artistic styles, experiment with different mediums, and express themselves creatively.


Physical Education

Our physical education program enables students  to develop a healthy and active lifestyle. We cover a range of activities, including team sports like volleyball and football, individual sports like cross country, and fitness activities. Our students grow physically, work collaboratively, and develop a strong sense of community.

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Physics A Level

Our physics A Level course prepares students for a variety of University courses by developing advanced knowledge and strong problem-solving skills . It requires a deep understanding of mathematical  techniques and concepts. We cover a range of topics, including kinematics, cosmology, quantum physics, oscillations, nuclear physics and electromagnetism. Our students learn to critically evaluate complex systems and develop solutions to real-world problems.


Computer Science

Our computer science program starts with IT literacy in primary, building the foundations for middle school, IGCSE and eventually A Level course content. We cover multiple programming languages, such as python, swift and java, through the software development lifecycle. We explore several methodologies for design of UI and UX, as well as covering networking, hardware, computer architecture and boolean logic.

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