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Edu-Fair & Winter Wonderland

09 December 2023

Saturday dawned bright and sunny with no rain forecast – we were very happy!

The PTA volunteers and admin staff were in early to finalise preparations for the Winter Wonderland. The teachers came in and set up exciting science experiments and STEM projects.

Mr. Luke who organised the first annual AIS Speech Contest, prepared the gym and welcomed the contestants.

The Speech Contest was a great success with our own Neali collecting first prize in the senior category. Mr. Luke did a great job and we look forward to many more of these events.

Then we all went to the 4th Floor to join Mr. Daniel, Mr. Valentino and Dr. Irina for some fabulous science experiments. The students did a great job explaining their work and it was superbly organised by the talented AIS Science Team.

We enjoyed interesting talk from the former CEO of the DSME Shipyard.

Then it was time for the Winter Wonderland!

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